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Board of Directors: Services

M/s Bansal Brothers is fast growing company in Central India. It is a company of juvenile and knowledgeable engineers involved in water infrastructure EPC project i.e. designing, constructing, commissioning, operating and maintaining the entire water infrastructure for complete cities and towns or group of villages. The Professionals are expert in constructing of Intake-well, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, elevated service reservoirs, pipelines, operations and maintenance services etc.

Bansal Brothers have progressed much in field along with excellent engineers who are capable of doing great jobs. The company have experience of 33 years. Company has already expanded its projects throughout the state and rapidly increasing its projects throughout the country.

As water is the main source of livelihood and it is the prerogative of each human to obtain fresh water, with this motive the company work for the welfare of the people. Bansal Brothers have implemented many government as well as industrial and private schemes and accomplished the target in the given time period with contentment of the clients.

The founder of M/s Bansal Brothers was Late Shri Ghanshyamdasji Bansal in 1987, and now the company is under the guidance of Mr Sanjay Bansal (Managing Director of company) who is working hard and hence expanded the company.

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